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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I'll have mine sunny side up...

So we're on the baby bandwagon again...trying to stay cool, yet hopeful.

Can I just say, where the HELL is my positive test!? We've been trying to do something about a sibling for the Toddler since April - and I know, it hasn't been 6 months - but I'm just getting annoyed now.

Sure, fate most likely has everything in hand, and it will all happen when it's meant to. But I'd like someone from the fate department come and explain to me why their schedule isn't the same as mine? I ordered my big fat positive (BFP) months ago! Not even Australia Post is this slow, and that's saying something!

The Guru says that stressing over it won't change anything, in fact it will make it worse. And I know he's right. And I know he's right when he tells me that throwing my ovulation prediction device across the room in frustration won't change the result. Well, it might not make me ovulate, but it sure as hell makes me feel better.

And on another train of thought entirely, can someone explain to me why it is that when you WANT a baby and do everything you can to get one, you get nothing? And yet you know damn well that if you were doing everything to avoid the situation you'd fall pregnant first go. It's infuriating! And I have to say, it makes all the sex education classes at school look like a joke. And makes all the difficult discussions with my Mum seem like a waste of awkward-ness. I feel like storming up to my sex ed teacher and telling her that she's full of lies - you don't fall pregnant 'after just one time' and I have a bin full of negative tests to prove it.

All we're looking for is one more - just one. Trust me, 2 is my limit and some days I think one is too much! But I'm sending a plea to the family gods to just grant me one more child.

It's not too much to it?

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