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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day of Awesome-ness!!

So today was proof that when a good day arrives, it arrives with it's possie in tow...

Okay, so I was late to work which was a bit of a bummer, but I didn't mind. In fact I hardly gave it a thought! And arriving at work I had to head into a staff meeting. Thankfully I'd brewed coffee at home and had it ready to go. I'm sorry, I can't have a meeting before 10am without copious amounts of coffee. Not if you want a reply that makes sense. Otherwise I'm quite happy to provide you with a load of nonsense about fluffy bunnies when you ask me about the budget ratio of training from 2009 to 2010.

On the bright side the meeting lasted 30 minutes. It was a record I may not live to see again. A bit like Hayley's Comet...and I do believe a small piece of hell froze over this morning as our CEO wrapped it up. Halleleuja.

I powered through work and finally decided to have my lunch break just after 2pm...wandered down to the local cafe and ordered. It was amazing but I scored the last croissant and the last banana caramel muffin. And if you had tried one of these muffins you would know why I would mug an old lady just to get one. Maybe. If she hasn't taken a bite out of it first.

So, ordered, paid and waiting for my toasted croissant to come out. And waiting. And waiting a little bit more. And then some more. And finally a small voice calls over the tables and mentioned something about flaming croissants and would I be interested in a toasted sandwich instead? Hey, why not. As long as it has ham and cheese I'm good to go.

The sandwich arrives, it smells lovely and I happily take it from the waiter. Who then hands me the cost of my croissant back. They refunded me because I had to wait. NICE!! Score $6.50 for me!!

Wandering back to work now with my sandwich, muffin and drink. Delivery person is dropping off some mags to a business. And gives me a free copy!! Woohoo!

Continuing on my way, work for the rest of the day is breezy and then it's hometime.

Earlier in the day I made the decision to temp to see if it helps with our TTC journey. And I managed to find a chemist in Darwin that has the thermometer I'm looking for. Head there after work and grab one so I can start temping in the morning. YEAH! Score one for TTC!!

I managed to contact the Salvo's about the couch we'd like to give them, which was our good deed for the week. It's nice to have one of those every now and then - even if earlier in the week you had no intention of doing anything that would mean you had a couch to give away...until you walked into Le Cornu and decided to pre-spend some of your tax refund!But moving on from that impulse buy...

The inspection of the house we currently rent went very well this morning and hopefully it will be rented out not long after we leave which means it will be easier on our friends. But it also means we can move up settlement on our new home and as a result will be moving in 2 weeks. Which is awesome, if not completely scary with how much packing we have to do between now and then! But completely worth the inevitable packing meltdown (I'm scheduling mine for the day before we move - so nobody call on Sunday 15 August because I'll be crying into boxes).

All in all it's been a fab day - had Chinese for dinner courtesy of the in-laws (YUM!) and am now contentedly thinking of finshing this up and heading for bed.

I sincerely hope my good mood and good luck continue for a while - at least until we've finished moving house! After that, anything goes - and if it's bad, it goes out the door...

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