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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Oh Motivation...Wherefore Art Thou?

So I have a lot to do around the house right now. In fact, you might say things have reached a critical point. A point where if I do something about it I will feel really good about myself. Or if I ignore it we will be living in a rubbish tip.

Okay, so maybe not a rubbish tip...but certainly some sort of untidy hole.
Sigh, where are housekeepers when you need 'em? Oh, right, in rich people's homes. Okay, back to reality.

The house is going to be inspected by DHA to see if they want to rent it since we're leaving ('cos we bought our own home! YEAH!) and as a result I am now feeling the development of my alter-ego...


The Guru has to work on Monday, even though it's a public holiday here, so I'll be on my own with the The Toddler. Which is fine...she's actually very good with a duster. Providing I move anything delicate/valuable/breakable/dangerous out of her way.

The Guru says he's glad to be out of the way. Poor guy - he really is helpful around the house but my alter ego seems to find his standards and hers are lightyears apart. It's better for him not to be here. He knows that, I know that and the cat's are planning a day out too so it should all run smoothly.

But why is housework so miserable?? Honestly. When did it become such a pain in the arse? I can recall doing chores for my Mum when I was younger and simply feeling proud of my effort and achievement. Now all I can think is 'Okay, now to stacking the distractions...I am going to stack the dish...OH! A kitty!!'

I think I would rather pierce my nipples than vacuum right at this moment. Even washing is a misery, and all I have to do is stick it in the machine and walk away!

But I have set myself a goal of getting all the washing done tonight and then tackling the house tomorrow. I just can't be bothered worrying about fans and the like right now...although, if I do those tonight I don't have to do them tomorrow and it's one less chore to think of.

Super-Mario-Cleaning-Nut, welcome to the scene of the crime...we've missed you.

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