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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Remembering the good things...

The blog of a fried of mine made me think tonight. She made me think about all the things I have in life and reminded me of all the things I have to be grateful for.

Sure, I whinge that I'm still not pregnant again, and that I'm tired and lacklustre and just feel plain run down. BUT, none of that is a good enough reason to ignore everything I have to be grateful for. And as a result I've decided the I'm going to make a list...

 - I am grateful for The Guru and everything he brings to my life, including the chaos
 - I am grateful for The Toddler and the light she has brought to my soul since she was born. It's indescribable and breathtaking.
 - I am grateful for our god-daughters, Munchkin and Nao. We love them like they were our own and feel very special to have been chosen to be such special people in their lives, and the lives of their Mum and Dad.
 - I am grateful for our parents. Those supportive individuals who have let us make mistakes, helped us pick up the pieces, start again, choose our own path, listened when we whinged about it and cheered/laughed/cried with us through everything.
 - I am grateful to have a home, and a family within that home which would be different without them. Different in a terrible way.
 - I am grateful for our friends who have been steady and just..well...there. You're all amazing.
 - I am grateful that The Toddler has such amazing carers at day care who love her and make her feel safe until I come for her in the afternoon.
 - I am grateful to live in a country where my child has undeniable access to everything she needs, clean water, good food (and even bad!), healthcare, and most importantly, love.
 - I am grateful to be employed and to have a job with people I genuinely love to work with.
 - I am grateful to be sitting here knowing there is food in the cupboard and in the fridge...

Speaking of which - I am grateful to know that there is a Picnic in the Fridge which I can eat...right now if I want to...and that it will be yummy...

So all in all I think I have a lot to remember when I'm having a 'poor me' day - which really shouldn't occur because according to this (and the longer list I have in my head but just don't have the space to type out) I have a great life with plenty to be thankful for.

So let's all have a glass of champagne and toast to remembering the good things...

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