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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sanity has returned....with pictures!

Okay - so after my explosive announcement yesterday that we were at the Powderfinger concert for their Susents Farewell Tour - I am pleased to advise I have returned, vocal volume at an appropriate level and hearing back to normal.

It was an amazing performance - I loved every minute of it. The guys did a brilliant job and it's just awesome how good they sound live.

You know how, chances are, Brittney Spears probably sounds like 2 cats in a fight when she sings live (hence the whole lip-syncing issue)? Well Powderfinger actually sound like...well...Powderfinger! But better! I now view the radio edits as travesty's against the brilliance of them.

But anyway...I promised pictures - and since I rarely include pictures I expect ooooh's and aaahah's of awe as you view...

And I know what you're thinking...I thought the same thing when I saw this pic...but, no - I bought the tickets online, they were not delivered by the hand of God or beamed down by the Starship Enterprise. But if they were beamed down I would earn some serious brownie points with the Guru for my connections.

And so we move on - to JET!!

Oh yeah - they were on fire baby. And I was stunned that there were 7000 people at the concert - which, let's face it, is about 85% of the population of Darwin (or not - whatever).

And now, it is my pleasure to present...Powderfinger...

Can you tell the difference between these guys, and JET?

Yep - that's right - the lead singer for Powderfinger is Bernard Fanning and JET's is...some other guy.

We had so much fun...I just have to put in some more pics...

Yeah - I know you can't see the actual band - but I was stuck with an iPhone camera. My awesome one was sitting at home on the bench - where I put it - so I wouldn't forget it. Or something like that anyway.

But I promise that me and 6,999 other people weren't just standing around looking at an empty stage while a bunch of people flicked coloured lights on and off in some sort of timed routine.

We may live in Darwin, but we're not THAT sad!

Anyway. To mark the occasion the Guru felt the need to purchase some memorabilia...

Because how can life be complete without a straw hat and a Powderfinger Pre-Skool romper for your daughter?

Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

I suggested that we should try and get the romper signed. I was told that if anything remotely living and Powderfinger-ish in nature was to touch the romper it would be going behind glass and never touched by human hands. And possibly submitted to the Guggenheim for consideration in their modern art collection.

I suggested we forget it. It sounded like too much work.

So there you have it - our mega night out. Our grown up night out. And it was a blast.


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