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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I laugh in the face of a $20 challenge...

Ah, now here's a challenge that I can get into. Shopping and I are the best of friends, and together we can always find more and more ways to spend money. It's what great friendships are made of.

So, K Mart have thrown this challenge at us, and I can totally put this one in the bag.

Browsing the catalogue I'm discovering ways to spend $20 in a thrifty and yet sensible manner...

However, that all gets blown out of the water when I spot this:

Oh yeah - it's a Tinkerbell Activity Set. And since our beautiful girl went as Tinkerbell to her friends Birthday Party she has been Tinkerbell-crazy!

Evidence - Exhibit A:

Her wings are missing...but they looked like this...

So with my Tinkerbell purchase under my belt, I continue shopping and find these would be a great idea for Christmas:

Would be great to send one to each set of Grandparents for the festive season!

And to reward myself for being a great shopper I'd grab one of these:

It would totally have to be a Picnic bar because I have a disturbing addiction to their peanut-y, caramel-y, gooey, wafer-y, chocolate-y goodness.

Yeah, warned you it was disturbing.

So there you have it - $20 spent in K-Mart and everyone is happy with the result. YAY!!

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