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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Reality Blogging

Hi there - welcome to my pig-sty home this week...

View from the door...and yep, that's a dust buster on my bedside table. Why? Why not!?

Yeah, I didn't bother making the bed either...
 This is what happens when I decide to restore an old set of drawers...and they happen to be the ones we currently use.

This was the aftermath. I finally got to bring everything up from downstairs because I was finished painting and new handles had been applied.

It totally rocks. And I got the drawers put in place...but I confess that the clothes are still on the floor. These pics were taken on Sunday night.

At the moment, the morning see's the Guru and I re-enacting a pair of rabid squirrels fighting over the last acorn of the season, trying to find clothes amongst the mountain on the floor.

Maybe tonight I'll feel like folding and putting away...maybe...


  1. Awesome post.....!!!!! You are keeping the reality blogging dream alive!

  2. Excellent! I'm pleased to see people's houses that look more like mine!


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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