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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Reality Blogging

Behold! The Hole! Kitchen!

Home to the dumped bag, and dirty dish.

I am a dishwasher girl. But in my guilt over leaving our rental before our lease was up I left our Fisher & Paykel 2 drawer Dishdrawer set behind as a peace offering.

Regret is about 9 on a scale of 1-10. And that's only because I do find it good to think I'm saving a bit of water by washing dishes by hand. But I live in a state where it rains almost non stop for 6 months of the year...what the hell am I worrying about water for!?

I also hate the kitchen. And I am hoping in the next 12 months we will be doing the kitchen reno's (and the bathroom...but shhhh - I haven't filled in the Guru on that bit just yet) and then the strange blue/green cupboards will be demolished, the cooker can be turfed and the tiles - well, I think I might try and burn them simply out of disgust. The splashback tiling isn't even something my Nanna would have picked out! And who lays crap, brown tiles over perfectly gorgeous wooden floors!?

It also means extending that side of the house about 5 YAY for extra space!

But enough of my rambling. You've now witnessed the horror that is my kitchen.

In my dreams this is what I cook in...
But a bit more modern styling - with features and doors etc from a kitchen like this...
Oh dream kitchen - you are wonderful and some day you just might find your way into my home.

But for now I'd settle for a dishwasher.

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