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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Shape Up - Week 2 Results

Shit - another week and another exercise fail.

Well, that's okay, it's just one more thing I can add to the 'PMS list of things that are ticking me off right now'.

I'll add it under item #1 - PMS!

Anyway, moving on to the measurement's for this week...

Bust - 109cm (No Change)

Waist - 94cm (2cm DOWN from last week) 

Hips - 119cm (No Change)

Arms - 39cm (No Change)

Thighs - 76cm (0.5 DOWN from last week)

I've decided the lack of change is due to being bloated and hormonal. Which has led to chocolate indulgence and lot's of movies and books which make me cry. Why do I choose to do this, you ask? Well, if I've watched a sad movie or read a sad book or something with applicable chocolate then it makes the hormonal up's and down's of this patch more acceptable in my mind.

Just being hormonally unhinged seems too uncontrolled for my liking. I prefer to believe I have the upper hand with my hormones, no matter how delusional the idea is.

And so, I move on to another week. And I'll be honest - exercise is the last thing I'll be looking to do. There is nothing less attractive than a lumpy woman running up and down stairs in yoga pants than a lumpy woman running up and down stairs in yoga pants with the distinctive outline of a 'surfboard' in her visible panty line.

And with that, I'll leave you to ponder that charming mental image...just tell your therapist I sent you ;-)

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  1. bloating and hormonal is truly no fun!

    I am following your blog a little belatedly from the Meet Me Monday linky! Hope you get a chance to come and follow back.

    I have a great Green Holiday Giveaway event coming up November 7th through the 14th. A week of giveaways...I am up to about 10 or 12 so stop by and enter!



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