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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Another post on obsession and lack of self control.

I am a jewellery whore.

There, I said it.

I can't walk past a jewellery shop without picking out a few pieces I would like to own. I drool over the glossy catalogues that get crammed into our letterbox. I am constantly finding jewellery I'd like to own.

The only thing I would never want more than one of is my bridal set. Because the Guru did an amazing job of sorting that out all on his own - and on days when I think he has no bloody idea who I am (like when he's pointing out items he thinks I'd like for my a new 8TBFGRT RAM fdhsjaofdhsajkldshjakglds thingy for a computer...uh - what??) I look at my left hand and realise that when he gets it right, he does a fabulous job.

But when it comes to watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and anything else that takes my facy - I am just a downright, dirty jewellery-a-holic.

At the moment my whoring is related to necklaces. More specifically, the type the allow me to have parts of my family embedded in them.

No, I'm not meaning an Angelia Jolie-blood-in-a-vile-type thing. I'm talking fingerprints, or perhaps even art done by the Toddler.

I discovered Tina Steinberg not long ago and I immediately fell in love. I was prepared to sell a kidney to get one of her creations. And technically I still am - but I'm discovering that money is easier to procure and send to another country.

The one from Tina I was drooling over is here:  Little Love Charmer Plus by Tina Steinberg.

And I was stunned to learn that the Guru was paying attention. And I don't mean just vaguely nodding his head and staring past me at the telly while I danced in front of him with print outs, a white board and diagrams of exchange rates, postal rates and the process involved while wiping the rabid, jewellery love foam from my face.

So I almost fell on the floor when he told me he'd found a company who does the same thing in Australia. And they have a consultant in Darwin.

Right about then I blacked out for a moment while my brain processed this joyus moment and filed it away for future reference when he tries to get me computer parts for our wedding anniversary.

Smallprint could potentially make my dreams come true this Christmas. And believe it or not they can do impressions of a drawing by your small one in a pendant. You can witness their awesomeness here: Smallprint: A Unique First Impression.

Okay, so it's not a Tina Steinberg...but it's the homegrown version and I'd reduce my carbon footprint by going local. Or something. Whatever.

So I was set with that - all excited and spending many, many hours on their website deciding what and when.

Then - I found The Vintage Pearl. And my addicitive personality kicked in and fingerprints were all but forgotten for a moment...

The Vintage Pearl - I'd be leaving a massive carbon footprint - but the US and Australian dollar are pretty much 1:1. What's a bit of carbon when fate has given me a sign that now is the best financial time to be making a great, big, muddy print on the world?? I'd be stupid to miss my chance!! (I'm also completely aware that I'm going to environment hell when I die...a place where nature will have it's revenge...)

So this is what I want...

I love you to the moon & back by The Vintage Pearl and with the whimsical font have the Guru and the Toddler's names on it. And when the time comes I can have the third and final name added to the pendant.

Then, down the track - I can get a Tina Steinberg original to add to the chain.

The other Vintage Pearl option that I love is this: Dainty Drops by The Vintage Pearl.

But my heart is set on the moon - so I am making a final choice and it's going to be my Christmas wish.

I would say that this will be the end of my jewellery whoring...but I know it probably won't. There will always be a bracelet, a watch or something to catch my eye and make me want to get a kidney ready for trade.

But maybe, just maybe - this will be the end of my necklace searching days...

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