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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

(Shape Up Week 9) "Deck the Halls...

...with lots of parcel delivery cards,!"

Yeah - got a package yesterday! Wasn't the one I was expecting though - but it was still FABULOUS!

The wonderful people who Mrs Woog told HAD to send me a copy of Corrine Grant's new book 'Lessons in Letting Go: Confessions of a Hoarder' finally coughed up and my book arrived!

What made it even more wonderful was that it took care of so many of my favourite things right now...

1. Parcel Delivery Card? CHECK

2. Pleasant Surprise? CHECK

3. Reminding me that I still know how to read books other than 'Spot Goes to School'? CHECK!

So thank you Mrs Woog (oh, and the loverly people at Allen & Unwin) - you've restored my faith in the Carrier Pigeon Delivery Service of Darwin.

And so - on to Shape Up Week 9!!

This week has been a catastrophic flop. No motivation combined with festive event after festive event has meant this week was a total pffft on the shape up scale of success.

I've tried hard to not eat too many of the wrong things, but I admit I'm feeling it for not having got off my backside and gone for a walk. I feel sluggish and tired and just all 'round 'eugh'

But anyway - I remembered to bring my tape measure to work (yeah, classy huh?) so here are my measurements for this week:

Bust - 104cm (NO CHANGE from Week 7)

Waist - 95cm (2.5cm DOWN from Week 7...yeah! eat that week 7!)

Hips - 116cm (NO CHANGE from Week 7)

Arms - 38.5cm (1cm DOWN from Week 7)

Thighs - 71.5cm (3cm DOWN from Week 7)
Overall a surprising result! Trust me, as soon as I get my stunned eyebrows off the ceiling I will be double checking my measurements...
As for exercise - well, the Guru and I are making a concerted effort to make this month really 'count' in terms of TTC, so maybe that's helping?
Who knows...but I am hoping dearly to be able to gain weight in 2011 for all the right reasons.
Anyway, I better finish this up and get back to work. I am currently waiting for one of my doctors to come and collect his sacred pink stethoscope from me.
I'd totally steal it but the hysterical phone call today gave me the heads up he'd very much like it back.


  1. Glad you got it (finally). and good luck TTC over the festive season. Good time to go gangbusters xo

  2. congrats on the measurements! This is a hard time of year. Enjoy yourself, don't deprive yourself completely, and remember, that in 3 weeks, it'll all be over, and life will get back to normal.

    following you from the fat to fit blog!


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