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Friday, 10 December 2010

A baby no more...

My baby gew up last night. For me it was sudden and freakishly unexpected. For the Guru is was about as unexpected as his fortnightly pay.

We no longer have a cot in the Toddlers room - she got her big girl bed. Father Christmas was a bit early, but we explained that he thought she had been so good as to deserve it a bit early. She didn't need to know anything about the Guru and I staring at the boxes and not knowing where the hell to put them until Christmas, let alone how on earth to fit a bed and a mattress under a tree.

I documented this transformation with my camera as the event was so massive (in my head) and so I will share it with you all...

The Toddler's cot, pre-massacre

Her room in baby mode

He couldn't wait for me to get one more picture of her room before he got the screwdriver stuck in!

While the Guru works, the Toddler plays

Ah, this is my favourite - it was right about here that he yelled at me for bending the cot base in the wrong direction and almost breaking it. It was also about here that he almost had a cot base shoved where only customs men dare to probe.

The Toddler's contribution to the carnage

The cot, all packed up - my baby has finally left the building.

The beginning of a new era in our household

I don't know what's going on here, I just know there's mess.

He knows how it goes together...

Oh, sorry - were you taking a picture?

Bed? Check. Mattress? Check. Mattress cover to protect the mattress's pristine white beauty from all things excreted from small children? Damn right!!

The finished product

Jumping on the finished product

A new and grown up view from the doorway...the change table will be dismantled today and her new curtains will go up

A big girl, her bed and her Daddy
  So there you have it - a pictorial post on my baby's transformation to big girl.

But not too big - she still wants Mummy Bedtime cuddles in the big armchair to fall asleep.


  1. Aw sweet. I remember when Mr3 went to the big bed, it was the end of an era. Sad - but kind of happy making too.

  2. How did she go sleep wise? We are prolonging the move for The Badoo - my last baby! plus I know how in and out and in and out they can be when they are finally free to roam.

    Her bedroom is lovely, Kel. x

  3. She did really well sleep wise - I've never seen her sleep so still - usually she's like a cyclone in her sleep but she slept through and barely moved!

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