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Saturday, 12 February 2011


So I've done my first 'scheduled post' and this is it...wishing myself a happy birthday.

And for those of you who have (or haven't) been wondering, my age this year is....(drumroll)...


So not high enough to need to set the cake on fire (although thanks for the person who suggested that), but it was on the list, so I didn't try to lie. The person who said my age wasn't on there - that's because you thought I was 21. Right? Right.

And I am. I'm 21. With a dash on top.

But I've been thinking back to when the Guru and I were planning on getting married (the tender age of 22) and I do remember blathering at him something about wanting to have children and everything out of the way by the time I was 27 because I wanted us to have the chance to develop the house of our dreams by the time we were 30.

And when I hysterically laugh at consider that plan, I realise how naive I was then

But I figured 5 years was plenty of time to marry, have 2 kids and buy a place we could make awesome. We would become one of those DIY couples that just magically pull amazing renovations out of their backsides. You know, like the people you see on the Austar channels who seem to have all the plaster marks in all the right places so even though they're filthy, they look fashionable.

Now, I'm the first to admit the plan might have gone a little awry. We may have bought cars instead of a house - until now. We may have had a honeymoon baby, but are having to 'work' for the second (not that anyone's complaining!). We're going to renovate our house, but we're going to pay for someone else to do it properly, rather than us building the deck and it falling down overnight.

I would still like to do may consist of standing somewhere, holding a hammer and posing for a photo before leaving the professionals to finish off. But I'll have done something.

So while 27 has arrived as planned, everything else has been a bit of a mis-adventure. But that's life I suppose. A great, big mis-adventure - and who would want it any other way?

So happy birthday to me - I can only hope that what's to come is as awesome as what has been.

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