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Sunday, 13 February 2011

So, apparently, he has a point.

I can no longer deny it. The Guru was right. Much to my disgust, I might add.

As a result, I have devised the following guide.

7 Undeniable Signs Your Husband was Right when He said your Daughter has Too Many Clothes.

1. You do her laundry once a fortnight and she hasn't worn the same thing twice.

2. You do her laundry once a fortnight and her wardrobe still looks untouched:

Evidence Item 1A - HIM: "How can the washing line be full!?"

Evidence Item 1B - HIM: "You are no longer allowed near Target"

Evidence Item 1C - HIM: "What the hell!?" ME: "Yes, okay, so you might be right..."

Evidence Item 1D - HIM: "SERIOUSLY!!" ME: "Yes, okay, I GET IT!!"

3. You're grateful to only have to wash infrequently because you can't fit all her clothes into the space available anyway.

4. Day care have to keep returning clothing to you, because you drop it back thinking it belongs to someone else as you don't recognise it.

5. You have Platinum-VIP-Superstar Status anywhere that sells children's clothing.

6. When you've forgotten your PIN, you know you can always drop in and see the girls at Pumpkin Patch. They know it by heart.

7. Your husband seems to be Google-ing topics like 'shopping addict' and is having secret squirrel discussions with your Mum using terms such as 'intervention'.

So there you have it. I'm out of control.

Strangely, I don't feel one bit contrite.

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