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Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day - with a Flu chaser

Happy Valentines Day!

If you're anything like us, Valentines Day is just another blip on the calendar where we could potentially spend more money. But we don't.

Because my birthday is 2 days earlier, and our wedding anniversary is in March. Two absolutely vital dates that completely trump the 14th of February.

We acknowledged it. We exchanged text messages, the romantic gesture of the 21st century.

Besides, I'm sitting here typing with tissues wedged up my nose in an attempt to stem the tide of flu-ish nose running that's going on. I've been told this is also the favoured method for Operating Room nurses and other staff.

Nice. I'd prefer if they didn't drip nose water on my internal organs.

The Flu was the unexpected Birthday offering from the Toddler. She was tired of not sharing germs with the family, and decided I was fair game. Great.

The Guru has a small sniffle, which I'm sure will develop into crippling man-flu in no time.

The Toddler also decided that, to celebrate the day of love, she would decorate the lounge room for us. Specifically by emptying an entire box of tissues about the room with the artistic flair of a drunken pygmy.

Which turned out to be the best gift ever for me. Why blow my nose when I can drag my face along the floor?

So excuse me if a Valentines Day shag isn't on my to do list - I'll be rugging up with chocolate, chicken soup and the remote control.

She who sneezes, wins the TV.

Yeah - if only the reality was this attractive...

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