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Friday, 4 March 2011

Friday Fluff & Giveaway Winner!!

Well TFIF!

I woke up yesterday morning thinking it was already Friday. I did the same on Wednesday...and on Monday.

Damn reality.

Anyway - on to the fluff!!

Seriously...for Easter I'd like a pool lounge. This turtle just doesn't cut it.
The Toddler loves to swim and loves all things floaty - especially if they can be used as a pillow of some description. She also has an inflatable snail which we dunk under the water and let it pop up near her. She squeals and then laughs hysterically. Snail may, or may not, sleep in her bed at night. I've been told snail gets cold.

So, now, for the moment you've all (well, 2 of you anyway - can anyone else read 'most tragic giveaway in the history of blogging??') been waiting for - the results of the $20 Dusk Voucher!!

I have consulted Mr and his decision was...

And commenter #1 was: Jacki from More than a Mummy!!

Congratulations Jacki - send me an email at cricket001(at)live(dot)com with your postal address and your voucher will be on it's way...enjoy the spending and I'll be waiting to see a post on what you bought!!

Well, there you have it for another Friday - hope everyone has a great weekend - mine will be spent pouring over building plans and most likely arguing with the Guru over said plans.

Ah, the joys of married life...

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