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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Polly Dolly: Red Carpet Rendition

Red Carpet Rendition
Red Carpet Rendition by Kel001 featuring sequined evening gowns

There were many, many dresses that I loved at the Oscars this year - but for me, Gwyneth stood out. I think because it was such a simple dress, and yet it clung to all the right spots (although she doesn't possess a wrong spot anywhere!) and her hair and accessories were simple too. The small belt with flower details just gave it a touch of bling - but it was understated and classy.

For me, the poor choice was a toss between Anne Hathaway and (sad to say) Nicole Kidman. Anne's dress looked terrible with the large puff at the back. It looked like she was trying to either avoid or be gentle on her haemorrhoids by sewing a pillow to the back of her dress.

And Nicole, the white I didn't like much and the front looked too geometric for my tastes. I prefer something with flow and movement. Nicole's dress looked stiff and thus so did she.

Anyway - I've done my version of Gwyneth's look - and I gave it a vintage feel with the bracelet as my dress didn't have as much detail and prescence as Gwyneth's. With the low necklin I chose a simple necklace and some bling on the ears. The make-up is a 'barely there', dewey look with some cute pumps for a peep of contrast when walking.

And, of course, where would we be without our satuette?!

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