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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wanted: A Modern Baby Chair, not an 80's Pleather Revival...

I had forgotten how expensive baby stuff is!

I mean, it's like a wedding - mention the 'baby' word and they'll add a little extra.

It may also have something to do with my taste. But I prefer to blame the manufacturers and retailers - it makes me feel better.

I am really pining after a rocking chair this time around. I got a really cushy, large armchair for when Miss 3 was born and while it is cosy, comfy and I ADORE it, the one problem we discovered very quickly was that a rocking function would have been a welcome miracle.

I have been trying to find a modern rocking chair. I'm not into these 80's revival, grey pleather rockers. They make me want to poke my eyes out with a fork. Or stare into the sun long enough to burn my retina's off.

Source. *shudder*
No offence to anyone who has or previously had one of these chairs. I have sat in them and, while they are comfortable, they just don't float my boat.

I really want something modern, comfortable and something that I can work into a baby's room without it being an eyesore.

I've managed to cut it down to 3 options, but I'm the first to admit they're quite possibly out of the price range (no matter how much I stare longingly at the pictures and WILL the price to drop by 75%).

Luca Glider Chair, $1,000 from The closest thing available in Australia is the Ollie Ella Chair, which starts from $1,699 and can be purchased from
The Luca Glider looks so good. And the Ollie Ella chair looks fantastic, too. I would be so happy with one of these, but I would have to sell a kidney and I'm not sure doctors look favourably on women who are wanting major surgery during pregnancy for the sake of a chair.

No matter how fabulous it is.

Oilo Penelope Glider, $1,349 from
I love this chair. It's gorgeous, and looks sooooo comfy! I like that it has a high back for support, cushioned arms and great padded seating. It's just a bit expensive, and when you consider that I'd then have to cover shipping to Australia...


Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker, $750 from, available in Australia from ($1,050) and ($899.95) 
I love that you can fit 2 people on this chair...more specifically a mumma with a bubba and a Miss 3 who wants a story. This is perfect for long story time with feeds etc included.

Cheaper than the first two, and has more benefits! The fact that I can find it in Australia is awesome, but the dollar factor could be an issue with The Man. If not my conscience (who only shows up at inconvenient times like this...).

Overall the Storytime Rocker has my heart. It's perfect and ticks all the boxes. If this was bub #1 then I would probably pick the first chair, given that we would be back to 'disposable income' days and I'd only be thinking about managing one baby! But the rocker would fit us as a family, and it means everyone can be involved.

Perhaps it will go a long way to soothing any sibling rivalry...?

So tell me, did you have a rocker/glider for your bub? Did you find it freakin' awesome, or just a chair with a rocker bit on it? Which chair would you choose, if you had to do it all over again?


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