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Friday, 5 August 2011

Polly Dolly: Urban Hippie Chic

Urban Hippie Chic

As it happens I work with an Urban Hippie. She comes to work in the prettiest dresses - 1950's influence with a 2011 hemline. Only someone with great legs could pull that off, let me tell you!

Not even her dreadlocks put me off. And usually dreadlocks indicate to me that showering and deodorant application are two activities that get bypassed regularly.

It all seems so effortless and calm, and I wish I could give that impression. Sadly, I think my entire workplace knows I have a small meltdown over my arse and clothing options every morning - and I think it clearly shows in the fact that I have zero, read ZERO, variation in my day to day wear.

Sad, but true. Comfort and practicality win at the end of the day - and it's the total opposite of an Urban Hippie.

When I grow up, I hope my arse and legs look like my workmates. It's irrelevant that she's younger than me.

Maggie and Me print dress
£30 -

Knit jacket
£50 -

T KEES flip flop shoes
$55 -

ChloƩ cross body shoulder bag
$1,265 -

Dome ring
$5,000 -

Turquoise earrings
$17 -

Wet Seal lace hat
$11 -

Ray-Ban black sunglasses
£60 -

Eco Sunscreen
$14 -

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