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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Name Game...

Before I became a parent, I thought choosing a name for your baby must be one of the coolest things to do. Ever.

Then we started our own family and had to start thinking about names. Holy. Freaking. Cow. Batman.

When Miss 3 was born, The Man and I had settled on a name and it suited her to a tee. Thank god for that, because it was the only one we had.

And now here we are, trying to settle on a name for our next baby girl.

I'm not entirely sure we'll have anything agreed before we've torn out all our hair in frustration.

Miss 3 has her favourite all picked out, and I'll admit that I am quite taken with it. We had a list on the fridge and, after asking me to read the names to her, she decided there was only 1 good option and has latched on to it with the same intensity as a newborn koala to its mother during a cyclone.

I think the name is beautiful and individual - exactly the same reasons we chose Miss 3's name.

The issue is I'm not sure The Man is entirely convinced. And I'm questioning the name since his mother voiced her (inappropriate!) opinion on it and his reaction was to tell me we should use the name just out of spite.

But I don't like it for spiteful reasons - I liked it before his mother opened her pie hole! And now I feel like she's put this taint on it that I can't get rid of.

Additionally, The Man has already told his brother and SIL what happened and his reaction so, if we did use the name I don't want them thinking that we would choose a name just to piss off a family member. Because we wouldn't!

Besides, if we really wanted to drive the MIL mental, we'd choose a name like Pinky Pie, Strawberry Shortcake or, my absolute favourite, Diva Muffin. If it was up to them we'd probably be choosing a Dutch name, and out of curiosity The Man and I did a search...and on the list was the option 'Floor'.

I wish I was joking. After that I started to suggest we should name our baby 'Nail Brush' or 'Shower Curtain'. Clearly the Dutch are very practical people and I have an all new respect for that.

I don't want The Man to agree to a name he's not truly happy to bestow on his daughter, but if his 'meh' opinion is based purely on feedback from a nitwit, then I'm 100% convinced he needs to re-evaluate.

Sometimes I wonder if choosing a name for your baby isn't a basic lesson in overcoming the opinions of others when it comes to your child. A way to help you develop a thick skin before the baby arrives and the rest of the world starts shoving it's ideas down your throat. Because we all know that regardless of the choices we make (i.e. cloth vs. disposable, SAHM vs. working mumma and the ugliest battle you'll ever come across: breast vs. bottle) there will always be someone who disagrees or thinks you're a complete moron for doing what you do.

In all honesty, if our daughter missed out on an awesome name just because one person has no sense propriety in their behaviour, isn't that just enabling their bad attitude? Allowing them to think that their opinion is so essential to our existence that we would change something as important as our daughter's name just to please them?

Well I say NO! You are entitled to your opinion, but the last time I checked this is our family, this is our baby and it is our choice. If you can't respect that, then maybe you need to have a good, hard look at yourself.

And that right there is the conclusion I've been looking for.

Who ever said blogging wasn't worthwhile clearly never had to name a baby.

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