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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Raging Against the Machine

Well, she proved us right yesterday - the official response is that she's advanced and should be in a group of 'like minded children'.

Suddenly, her size and any other objection they had previously, magically disappeared and they think it would be an awesome idea to move her up.

Honestly, if I had any concerns for my mental health, this experience would have me dialling 000 and booking myself into observed medical care. It was like everything they had said previously never happened. It was all praise and light and happy, happy, joy, joy.


Oh yes, there had to be a 'but'. Ha! It was never going to be simple...

Now the excuse is that they don't have the staff capacity to move her up to the pre-school room

I was a mixed bag of wanting to beat them all senseless with their their own arms after I tore them off, and happy that they finally have someone backing us and giving the feedback we were hoping for.

So their suggestion, while we wait for a pre-school spot to open up, is to buy her a musical instrument and enroll her in as many activities as possible on a weekend to keep her mind ticking over.

I'm thrilled - we've gone from having brochures for play therapy classes being shoved at us, to being bombarded with pamphlets and information on childrens music classes, dancing, calisthenics, gymnastics, scholarships to NASA and a briefing from the Prime Minister asking for the Toddler to solve global warming and cure cancer.

Obviously, we'll be retiring very soon and, the Toddler will never sleep again.

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