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Friday, 26 August 2011

Big Hearts & Special Souls

I was watching the 7pm Project the other night - I don't usually, but it was partially recorded before my episode of The Renovators.

Oddly, I didn't fast forward past it, I let it play while I did the last few chores in the kitchen before I crashed in the lounge for some reno-show-overload.

It was then that I spotted a familiar face. John Hughes, who was a contestant on Masterchef 2011. I remembered John because his determination and self confidence were enormous. You can't ignore qualities like that.

John was part of a segment on Cerebral Palsy (CP). I never knew this, but, every 18 hours a child in Australia is born with CP.

This fact shocked me - I had no idea it occurred so frequently. Having never met or encountered a person with CP, I assumed it was a very rare condition. Maybe that makes me naive. Whatever. The point is, I sat, I watched - and yes, I cried a little.

John is an Ambassador for the Cerebral Palsy Challenge, and he is one amazing Ambassador. He is a mentor for children with CP and what makes John extra special is that, as a person with CP, he can understand better than anyone the challenges and experiences children with CP will have through their lives.

Hannah Diviney is 11 years old and is an Ambassador alongside John. Her fighting spirit is awesome, and I think she is a wonderful example of how children can take on a situation and make the best of it. I have no doubt this is also a positive reflection on Hannah's family.

Cerebral Palsy is completely random and there are various levels of CP. There is research happening 24/7 around the world looking for a cure. A diagnosis of CP can be devastating for the person with CP, and their family, but people like John are trying to make a difference and that's something that touches my heart.

While I don't have any personal experience with CP, I don't see how you can hear John or Hannah speak and not want to do something to help. It doesn't have to be much - you can make a donation, you can take part in the CP Challenge, or you can simply help raise awareness.

Every bit helps, no matter how small.

Personally, I am hoping to raise awareness through my blog, but also make a difference for the future through our daughter.

I want to teach her to have empathy and understanding for people who may not have the same physical and mental ability as she does, and to know that physical and mental ability don't make a difference when you have a big heart and a special soul.

And from what I've seen, CP provides the biggest hearts and most special souls in the business.

To find out more about the Cerebral Palsy Challenge visit
For more information on CP visit


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