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Friday, 23 September 2011

Polly Dolly: Pretty Prairie

Pretty Prairie
Prairie - it's not a style I've ever really considered previously. But here I am giving it a go anyway!

I tried not to channel too much from 'Little House on the Prairie' because we all know that sky high necklines and ground dragging hemlines are meant to be left in the past.

So this is my modern take on 'prairie wear' - hopefully it wouldn't get me kicked off the wagon train!

Oasis grey ruffle dress
£55 -

Zadig & Voltaire flat heel shoes
£230 -

Gorjana wrap jewelry
$55 -

H M ring
£3.99 -

David Young fedora hat
$18 -

Cabo Scarf - Yellow Tye Dye
$190 -

£13 -

Tom Ford grey sunglasses
$360 -

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