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Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Fluff: All the fluff but with an important message.

Note: chilly pool water is not a threat when you dive in fully clothed.

This is not something I had worried about previously, and it's not something I volunteered to discover either. But like all important discoveries, it was uncovered unintentionally.

The Toddler and I were paddling our feet in the pool while sitting on the edge of the steps. We do this when it's too chilly for a full submersion session but the Toddler insists she wants to hop in the pool.
It's a compromise that keeps everyone happy - particularly the Guru's testicles. Ahem.

For some reason, the Toddler decided that soggy feet were just not enough. In what I can only describe as a 'swan-lake-eque' launch from the top step, she dove into the pool.

Which is awesome, except that her swimming skills aren't quite up to par with her water love/confidence.

With the Guru barking 'Go, Go, GO!' at me like a SWAT team leader, I proceeded to launch myself in to grab the Toddler's hand and bring her above the surface of the water.

I was more submerging hippo than Swan Lake.

The Toddler was great - she remembered to kick her legs and she held her breath like a trooper. We have to work a bit more on getting the arm paddles happening.

As I helped the Toddler climb out, she stood back and observed me, fully clothed, standing in our swimming pool.

"Phwoar - that was a bit chilly, Mummy!"

Good to know - I'd hate to think we missed the vital message from this experience.

I, however, was toasty warm in my clothes.

"Baby, this is why we always say you have to be near the pool with a grown up. So if you are in the water, you have someone to keep you safe."

"I always have to be in the water with Mummy or Daddy?"

"Yes, that's right. It's naughty to be in the water without a grown up."

"I have to go on the naughty spot if I go in the water by myself?"

"Yes, that's right, if you break the rules you have to go on the naughty spot."


"Yes, baby?"

"You have to go on the naughty spot, you're in the water without a grown up. I tell Daddy."

And that was how I discovered that swimming with your clothes on keeps you warm.

In all seriousness, water safety is very important.

Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in children under five in Australia. Each week, on average, one child drowns.

It is so important for our children to know how to swim, to be confident in the water and not to panic if they do run into trouble.

It is our responsibility, as parents and guardians, to make sure we have done everything we can to protect our family and friends by installing certified pool fencing, always having adult supervision and teaching our families about water safety.

For more information on water safety, teaching your child to swim or to obtain water safety resources you can visit:


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