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Friday, 17 February 2012

FFS Friday...

Ah, another FFS Friday. Given it was my Birthday and Valentines Day this week, I really didn't think I'd be pulling out a FFS post.

And yet, here I am. But I swear on all the Marian Keyes books I own that this will be the last whinge about the biggest husband fail in my married life, so far.

Let's get cracking shall we??

  • The Guru forgot my Birthday - FFS
  • It was almost lunch time before he thought to tell Miss 3 it was my Birthday and to give me a cuddle - FFS
  • He went to get a haircut on my birthday (fair enough - I really wanted him to) and took Miss 3 for the ride. He said he couldn't get a cake while he was out because Miss 3 needed to go to the loo and interrupted his shopping mojo. But he came home with his Iced Coffee - FFS
  • The Guru called me at 3:10pm on Valentines Day to tell me that Interflora had called him to say they couldn't fit his order in - FFS
  • He then tells me he told them not to worry about it and he'd bring flowers home from 'somewhere' (read: wilted leftovers from Coles) - FFS
  • He gets home with NOTHING - FFS
  • He tells me he couldn't find a florist that was still open, but I passed 3 on the highway that were open late for husbands like him - FFS
  • Getting recognition for 7 years valuable and dedicated service at work (not too sure about the valuable or the dedicated part...) at the Staff Meeting on Valentine's Day meant they had done more for me than my own husband this week - FFS

Right, so that's it now, no more talking about it.

This week is officially done and can I just say - thank fuck for that.

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