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Monday, 19 March 2012

A Small Announcement...

Well, the time has come to unveil the issue that has been rattling around in my head.

It may come as as shock (or not) but I would like to tell everyone that...

I am PAINFULLY uncomfortable with the idea of Tony Abbott running the country.

Oh - and did I mention that I'm pregnant, too?

I've been a bit cautious this time around as last time ended sadly - but I can confidently say that this time feels a whole lot different. And a whole lot more permanent.

I was going to wait until next Monday when I've had my first ultrasound - but since a certain husband had a few too many corporate drinks in the corporate box at the football on Saturday and was too tipsy excited to keep the news to himself, I've decided it's my turn.

Going by 'standard' dates from my GP, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, but the ultrasound will give a better idea of actual gestation. I'm actually quite stunned that I am pregnant - my cycles have been so unreliable since Miss 3 was born that it's not unusual for a couple of months to pass between periods.

But on a whim and after a few enquiries by the mother-in-law and even Miss 3 herself, I peed on a stick last Tuesday morning and a fabulous, thick, unmistakable second line arrived.

It's an excellent result - I couldn't have asked for a better second line.

I feel like everything has worked out, and this baby has arrived at the right time. I have cut back my working hours, the Obstetrician I wanted is available and it will be a dry season baby. After being heavily pregnant in the wet season, I am thrilled to not be doing that again!

I am tired and getting lots of sleep, I feel like my pants are already getting too tight around my pelvis and I can feel things stretching. I don't have morning sickness so much as 'all the time sickness'. So much so that I was hovering over the toilet bowl at midnight last night.

Yeah - that's been fun.

But overall I'm feeling good, feeling positive and very happy.

All we need to do now is put back the wall we knocked out so we can have the 3rd bedroom back!

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