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Friday, 27 April 2012

Jelly Bean Joy...

Contrary to the title, this is not about The JellyBean that I am currently incubating, this is actually about a parcel that arrived yesterday.

I told Miss 3 the parcel was for her - she almost did herself a facial injury, such was the girth of her grin.

When she started to froth at the mouth I put that down she inexplicably obtained in the car.

We couldn't get in the house fast enough and she was clawing at the package like a deranged squirrel. After a few minutes she reluctantly agreed to let me be of some assistance.

If I don't look at you, will you stop asking if I need help?

Fine, you helped, now go away - I can do this myself!

After much frenzied shaking of the bag and torturing glimpses of the pink mystery item inside, it finally emerged...

Is it a bird...?

Is it a plane...?

Hell Yeah! It's a pair of Jelly Shoes!!!

Honestly, I had totally forgotten that Miss 3 won a pair of Jelly Shoes from the fabulous Jess at Diary of a SAHM, so it was a great way to end the week!

She needed to put them on NOW, so she did. It took a lot longer because she wouldn't stop moving her feet in a happy jig.

And that makes it hard to get shoes on.

But the overall effect is one of intense joy...

Jeeeeeeeeeelly Shoooooooooes!!

Ugh, Mum didn't do this up right. *sigh*

Happy in my Jeeeeeelly Shoooooooes!!

So thank you Jess and thank you Jelly Beans Shoes - Miss 3 is thrilled (so am I) and we have a new pair of daycare shoes that can wash off without a fuss, are easy on her feet and are great for the climate.

Thank goodness, because just this week she was stating to tell me her sneakers were hurting her toes. Your timing rocks!

Thank you!!

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