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Friday, 11 May 2012

FFS!? Friday - The Non-Pregnancy Edition...

Because nothing has changed in this pregnancy recently - still nauseated, still tired, still emotionally INSANE with the added bonus that my spotless complexion is now spotty. Yeah - I'm thrilled about that.

ANYWAY - moving on to the FFS!? Friday...

What's sent me over the edge this week?

  • My cousin announced her engagement on Facebook on Wednesday night. This is engagement #4. To a guy she's been dating for 3 months. FFS
  • It's all well and good to say you know someone and you love them - but when your relationship is based on text message and Facebook because he's away for weeks at a time? FFS
  • My cousin already has 2 kids our of (now) 4 there another on the way? FFS
  • She then said they are signing paperwork in 2 weeks time and our aunt will be marrying them. What's the hurry? Is our aunt really that desperate for celebrant work? FFS
  • In the next update she said she had quit her job and was a happy SAHM now. I guess that's doable when you've hooked up with a guy who works on the mines. FFS
  • Then she announced that she had made an appointment with a plastic surgeon for breast implants. FFS
  • I suppose that debunks the 3rd baby concern?
  • It's Friday and I don't work Friday's anymore. It's my sleep late day. But I'm up early to take my brother in law's cat to the vet because his cats have moved here but he hasn't. Yet. FFS
  • It's the cat who's on valium because it's high strung. It's probably going to try and claw my face off. FFS
  • 3 people won the 70 million lotto this week. I wasn't one of them. FFS
  • I was at a planning day for work on Wednesday. Because certain colleagues kept flapping their gums, I was over the parking limit and it cost me $19 in parking fees to leave for the day. FFS
  • Their gum flapping also meant we didn't get to leave early. FFS
  • My house looks like a bomb has hit it, but our cats decided that wasn't enough and have decided that vomiting everywhere is an awesome improvement. FFS
  • If they're not careful, they'll be going to the vet today and coming home in a plastic bag. FFS
So there you have it, that's my whinge for this week.

Now, I need to finish this up so I can get my shit together, pick up a valium-based cat and hope it doesn't freak out while I take it to the vet.

FFS indeed.

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