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Friday, 14 September 2012

Filling in the Gaps...

It would seem that Friday is my blogging day. I'm putting it down to being at home and having a lot going on at the moment, rather than being at work and blogging to make the day go faster before my brain starts to leak out of my ears for lack of use.

I have a feeling that this is going to take a lot longer to type out than I planned because I keep rushing to the window every 5 seconds to see of the Australia Post man has arrived with my ASOS order. I may or may not be hysterically excited to have some new clothes.

And speaking of hysterical, since my hysterical post about baby names, things have happened.

Specifically, a miracle has occurred. We have chosen a name for our baby girl!

When The Man got home from Sydney, I may or may not have burst into tears at the sight of him. Miss 3 was attached to him until sleep loosened her grip.

Can you tell we're a household of needy females?? I know, it's tragic - I should be teaching Miss 3 to be independent, how not to need a man in her life, and to change her own spark plugs. The only trouble is that I hate being independent, I absolutely need The Man in my life and I wouldn't know where the hell to find the spark plugs in our car if I had a diagram and the car came fully labeled (despite being the daughter of a mechanic...oh the shame!).

Once Miss 3 was in bed and we had time together, I broached the subject of names again. Before I even had a chance to say that I actually wanted the name we originally chose and I didn't give a rats bum what anyone else thought, The Man piped up with "I don't care what anyone says. It's our daughter and we have chosen her name because we love it. We're not asking for anyone to agree with us, we're asking them to respect that we've chosen a name we think is beautiful and that's all that matters."

I didn't really have anything to add to that verbally. So I just cried a bit more.

The Man understood it was a supportive sob, and with that we had gone back to our original plan and our baby girl will have a name that we chose for her out of love.

And that's the most important thing.

Secondly, further progress has been made on baby's room, with *flushing going on the walls. It's starting to look like a real construction zone - and this makes me happy.

Coat 1 of 3. All 3 coats have since been completed. *Flushing is now a word that I no longer associate specifically with the functions of a toilet.

Despite the out-laws declaring that I am a drama-queen for wanting the room complete 2-3 weeks before bub arrives, the FIL has followed through and the electrician will be here tomorrow! I am so pleased about this fact I don't even have anything snarky to say about it.

On Wednesday I spent far too much time in Bunnings staring at a rainbow-on-crack wall of colour samples. It started out as a fun idea, which soon turned to terror when I realised that I actually had to make a choice.

Anyone who knows me, knows that making a decision is the one thing that will mentally cripple me.

I finally decided it required time to sit down and ponder while Miss 3 had a blast on the indoor playground.

Almost 2 hours later I ended up with 7 samples out of 8 colours I 'narrowed it down' to. I would have had 8 samples, but the last colour didn't come in anything less than 1 litre, and I thought that might be a bit much just to paint a small square.

But can I just ask one thing? SINCE WHEN IS WHITE NOT ACTUALLY WHITE?! Seriously, I've put one of the samples on the wall and it's bloody GREEN people! What is with that? It looked white in the shop. Why is it not white now I get it home?

Top Left Hand Corner - it's GREEN!! Why was it even in the white section!?

I sure as hell don't have this problem when choosing finger paint colours for Miss 3.

In other news Miss 3 is really loving our new lifestyle of doing lots of things together and so am I. I'm constantly in awe at the speed she absorbs everything around her, and I swear her vocabulary is greater than mine!

The only bummer is that she loves to start the day bright and early when The Man leaves for the office. I, on the other hand, am keen to sleep for as long as I can and the getting up early thing just doesn't float my boat.

Sleep is a bit hit and miss at the moment - that elusive comfy position is a bitch to find, but once I get there it's awesome. I just wish it was the same spot every night! I'm a tummy sleeper by nature, and pregnancy is in direct contradiction of this fact.

As a result the nanna nap has made a regular appearance whether I want it or not.

Thank god for the numerous kids channels on Austar. They are a nanna napper's best friends and they also mean the carnage is limited to one area of the house while I'm passed out on the couch. Trouble is, I usually end up 'napping' slightly longer than I plan. And so my eyes suddenly spring open and my brain immediately goes into overdrive...

'Holy crap how long have I slept? Shit, is it dark yet? Oh my god why is it so quiet!? Right, plan of action is to stand up, stumble around and pray you trip over your still alive 3yo. Ready? GO!

Picture Credit: Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half via Google search

Yes, cartoons are awesome, but we know they'll only entertain for so long while you snort and drool in your sleep...even if it is in the same room as said child.

Regardless of how much energy I do or don't have, ironing specifically remains the one task I LOATHE. I've had clean washing piled on a chair in the lounge room for days and I can't find the motivation to iron it. But I'm also attributing this to mental exhaustion as I've been helping my Mum with some of her essays for uni.

Holy freaking shite has it been a long time since I've had to write an essay - let alone write one that makes sense when 95% of my brain cells have abandoned me. And to be honest, I spend most of the time being indignant that all this 'writing an essay like you swallowed a thesaurus' is supposed to make a person a good nurse.

Yeah, because a patient will overlook the fact that you're an arse-hat with no empathy or love for the job if you can swan around and speak like a Professor in arse-hattery.

But sadly my ability to roll my eyes at all the bullshit involved in obtaining a degree is of no assistance. If it was, I'd have a degree in everything.



Otherwise, we've just been plodding along and making the most of the time Miss 3 and I have left as just the two of us. It involves lots of time in the pool, baking more than I have in my entire life and being far more arty farty than I thought was possible - mixed with a healthy dose of over-attention for the cats, chickens and the general outdoors.

Loving every minute of it. Except when it's 6:30am.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hover around our front windows in preparation of throwing myself at the first Australia Post truck I see.

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