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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Martha Stewart, Snuggies and the Flu

Well, looks like I've joined the crew and signed up for my own blog. Good grief, I've no idea what to put on here!! This sounded like a fab idea when I first had it's gone a bit off track. But what do I expect when I'm taking advice from a Martha Stewart episode - it's punishment for paying attention to anything that's aired on day time TV. Next thing you know I'll be ordering a snuggie and one of those ladders they keep barking on about on The Morning Show.

It could also be a side effect of the flu and the panadol and throat gargle I've been taking. Either way.

I could be very clever and post some articles I wrote for a wedding website a couple of years ago - they're humorous and (possibly) interesting. Maybe I'll do that later - I just have to track them down.

We're trying to buy a house, and have found one that would be very, very suitable, and within our budget which is a very, VERY good thing according to my husband. I think for the purposes of this blog I'll need to create an alias for Hubby and our daughter. I think the Guru (as apparently my husband is the authority on all things, regardless) and the Toddler (because that's exactly what our daughter is) are ultimately suitable.

So the Guru is phoning around today to see if we can buy this house, or at least get a contract on it so no one else can buy it. Worst case scenario I could always drive over there in the night with my own Under Contract sticker and slap it on the sign. Very wrong and completely immoral, but this is a property war and all bets are off.

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