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Friday, 17 December 2010

Friday Fluff!

Well thank god it's Friday, peoples! I was beginning to worry today would never arrive - that I would go to bed last night and wake up next Monday.

That would be additionally bad as it means the Toddler would miss her playdate with her bestie. I am currently the evil parent anyway because my child is almost 2 going on 25 and I am trying to curb the attitude.

At this point in time, I am failing - spectacularly. Know how I know? Because day care tied me to a chair and put a bright light in my eyes demanding to know the truth, even though they can't handle the truth asked me about her behaviour at home and if it's the same as at day care. Apparently she's very bossy. Apparently they've not met me outside of  'happy, calm drop off/pick up at day care mummy' persona. If they had, they wouldn't ask silly questions.

I'm putting it all down to the terrible two's making an early entrance and the fact that her molars are coming through. The combination is a spectacular thing to behold when she's gettin' her freak on and the naughty spot is wearing a hole in our wood floor.

Moving on however, to the vital part of this post!  The Friday Fluff!!

I'd like to add a small note that she's running around in a nappy because she was taking a break from waterslide play, and stupid person that I am, I forgot her bathers. We are not one of those bogan families who take their children out and about wearing only a nappy because clothing is 'too hard'...ahem...

Yes - that is my husband holding a baby croc, and that is my small child giving it a kiss.

All I can say is thank god for the invention of electrical tape.

This was part of her day care Xmas party - they get one of the blokes from the local wildlife park to bring a couple of crocs, a snake or two and then let parents and children alike do their best Steve Irwin impression.

I suppose that's all for another Friday - although I would like to draw attention to the newly designed header on here, and the new button. I've finally done something I am completely happy with - YAY!

So have a loverly weekend all and enjoy the last few days before Christmas hysteria consumes your household.


  1. Hooray for bossy toddlers. We should start a support group for parents of bossy toddlers.
    Poor Naomi cops the brunt of it. And John too, but thats just funny.

    Looooooooooove the button.

  2. *Ahem* Indeed, thank goodness for electrical tape! (Is there anything it can't do?!). Very cool pic- so cute!!


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