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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Shape Up - Week 10

I had a sense of impending doom last night - tossing and turning and not quite able to put my finger on the problem.

Then, at 2am it occured to me - I need to measure myself and post the results on here...TODAY.

And then I thought back over the past week - the lack of excersise (again) and the not so wise food choices.

I was torn between wanting to cry over my failure and wanting to hook the vacuum up to suck all the fat out through my belly button.

I'll stop procrastinating now, and I'll reveal my dismal week...I didn't have the courage to refresh my memory for last week's results until now...

Bust - 104.5cm (0.5cm UP from Week 9)

Waist - 94cm (1cm DOWN from Week 9 - a miracle!)

Hips - 116cm (NO CHANGE from Week 9)

Arms - 39cm (0.5cm UP from Week 9)

Thighs - 71.5cm (NO CHANGE from Week 9)
Overall, not as bad as I was anticipating - but still not good. It's this behaviour that got me where I am now.
Shame girl - feel the shame burn and get your big butt on that treadmill!!


  1. Not bad at all!! At least you didn't chicken out of posting (as I would do - SLACKER ME!) Keep going, you are doing so well. This just goes to show that you don't have to be 'full on' all the time to see results. x

  2. I think you're great to post your results, even if they're not as great as you'd like them to be. It's a hard time of year to make real changes in your weight, so be proud that you're maintaining!

  3. You know, I wish I really could just hook up the vacuum sometimes. <3

    At least you know you slacked this week and can try harder next week?


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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