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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Let them know it's Christmas

Louisa over at Everything is Edible is doing something wonderful.

In the wake of the Christmas Island boat tragedy, she is helping bring Christmas to the children in the detention centre.

Already sponsoring this initiative are:

Tiger Tribe

Just Us Kids

Fairground Child

Treetop Toyshop


BHF Couriers who are going to send the delivery at cost price.

More donations are welcome. Specifically,

soft toys;
craft supplies but no scissors or anything that could be used for self harm;
paper supplies;
toy cars;

How can you help?

The courier fee is $930 and we need to raise the funds to cover this. If you are able to help with this please email

Let people know about this via whichever methods you prefer – and promote the sponsors as a thank you for their generosity.

Due to the short turnaround we have on this, sponsors need to be Melbourne based and able to get the items to Louisa by Wednesday (22/12/10) lunchtime. There is a limited space for items that we can send at this time.

For those of you who are not Melbourne based you can post or email a card of support and encouragement that Louisa will include in the package.

All enquiries, including obtaining delivery details for items and cards can be directed to

You can keep up to date by joining the AMB group Gifts for Children at Christmas Island or via

I find it ironic and sad that a detention centre should be based in a location that carries the name of a season which encourages joy, generosity and love in all it's forms.

Genuine refugees get a fair flogging, and while we may not understand their desperation or the way in which they arrive on our shores, they are people with families who are trying to find a better life.

So let's share with them the spirit of Christmas, and bring a smile to a child's face.

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