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Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday Fluff and why I shouldn't watch Dr Quinn before bed.

Happy Friday everyone! Another week down, only 47 left to go. And then it's Christmas, and the cycle starts all over again.

Is it just me, or does life feel like one, continuously revolving door sometimes?

It's just me. Great.

Well, moving on to the Friday Fluff. One the was captured in all it's glory last night, just like a Star Wars Trilogy...

I believe you have negelcted to remove the bowl with leftover watermelon juice in it, Mother.

And as a result of your neglect, I shall show demonstrate my prowess at drinking from a bowl like a cat.

Our daughter - saving the world one straw at a time.
 Yes, I shamefully acknowledge the use of the couch in the background as a folded clothing disposal unit. Somehow this week I just never got around to transferring them to the other folded clothing disposal units - also known as drawers.

And I fully acknowledge that the folded clothes don't look quite as folded as they did when I started.

An explanation was given to me - something around small children and 'mountain climbing with Daddy'.

It's things like this that make me roll my eyes, put on a recorded episode of Dr Quinn and block out the mess around me. Ah, Dr Quinn - you give me 1hr to myself in the evening, and I thank you for it.

And speaking of Dr Quinn, for some reason when I went to bed I had a nagging feeling that something was bothering me and I had forgotten about it. It made my stomach churn with uncertainty and I spent a good portion of the night tossing and turning, trying to think what it was that made me feel so restless.

Then I remembered. Robert E and Grace weren't allowed to be married in the church because they were negro! What the hell, people! This is an outrage and I won't stand for it...


That was on TV. It was a Dr Quinn episode.

I've been up half the night over TV!?  At this point I fall asleep knowing the shame of what just happened will haunt me and that I won't be telling the Guru.

But I wake up this morning kind of cranky. No patience. Just want to get out the door. And I make the Guru drive us in this morning, I don't want to drive because I know I'll become crazy, road rage lady.

During the drive in to day care and work I got on to the topic of the builders coming to our house tomorrow to do a quote on portential renovations. And this led to me whinging about how I felt his parents weren't very supportive of our plans for the house.

Which turned into a rant on how his parents aren't supportive of anything we do and how they make me really cranky with their bad attitude towards various things.
I didn't notice the black cloud developing over the Guru's head as I was too busy ranting at him about his parents being negative, unsupportive bastards.

Needless to say his stony silence and quickly developing road rage should have been enough to make me shut up. But nope - I was on a tangent and I was cranky, tired and inexplicably still worked up over Dr Quinn so I was going to keep going.

Why he didn't just push me out the door as he drove past my work, I'll never know. But I'm grateful all the same.

And there you have it. The Friday Fluff, and proof of why a) I should keep my mouth shut and b) I should not watch period drama TV before going to bed and get all worked up over fictional characters.

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