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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Never discuss buying a new car...

...while driving in the car you intend on replacing. Because it will invoke revenge.

By needing a new battery. By draining the old one at 2 years and 1 day exactly - and the warranty is for 2 years.

By deciding that being able to open the drivers side door by the handle is way too easy. Having to get in the passenger side, flap open the drivers side door and run back around the car to get in, is so much better.

The Guru and I had a chat on Tuesday last week about the new family car we'd like to get - while driving the car we'd like to flog off - and Wednesday morning the battery died. Replaced that on Saturday (the Guru couldn't be bothered replacing it sooner). And then this morning we go out to the car and the drivers side door handle almost comes right off the door.

It's an obvious attempt to teach us a lesson. 
Don't replace me and don't discuss replacing me, because I will make your life hell.
Hyundai Tiburon in Electric Blue. My baby...before I had a real baby.

 Well two can play that game.

And it's game on, biatch. So this week we are going to test drive the car we'd like.

I'm going to whisper sweet nothings into it's speakers and I might even kiss the bonnet...or not
The Mitsubishi ASX Aspire...swoon....

The old car can do it's worst - it's only going to make the end come faster.

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