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Monday, 18 April 2011

Crafty or Crazy?

I enjoy art. And I like to think I am quite good at slapping paint on a canvas - hence why our house is filled with various artworks I've created over the years.

There is also a canvas hanging in our hallway that the Toddler and her friends at day care painted. I say painted when what I actually mean is splattered. And they then used this canvas to ignite a bidding war amongst parents to raise blood pressures bids money for the centre.

We won. And I have to say, considering I could have got the Toddler to create the same thing at home for $5, the amount we paid for the Pro Hart inspired work makes part of my brain wince. And my left eye tic.

But moving on!

I was browsing the local Spotlight store with my Mum and the Toddler yesterday, actually finding some lovely new canisters for the coffee/tea/sugar when mid hunt for some more paper for the Toddler's a-frame whiteboard/chalk board/painting station I was overcome with the need to make something.

Standing in the aisle of crafty items almost had me rocking on the floor in the foetal position, I was so overcome.

I will be alone, with myself, for 8 days while the Guru is pissing off to abandoning us for enjoying his trip to Bali with his mates and this sudden realisation led to me ripping a learn to knit kit off the shelf. And then I was buying the materials to make the Toddler a home made version of Hoot the Owl.

I stopped short of purchasing a 'learn to crochet kit', and a 'learn to make lace kit'.

That seemed a bit advanced for someone who spent over an hour last night trying to work out how to do a blanket stitch. With a fully labeled diagram in front of her. Using a plastic 'learner' needle because the sensation in her fingers had been replaced by stabby pains from the 'grown up needle of steely, stabbing, pain'.

I did finish 'Hoot' but I'm mildly concerned for my future.

If a small needle and a simple stitch can bring me to the brink of insanity - I'm not sure it's safe for me to learn to knit.

Besides, what the hell am I going to do with a scarfe in Darwin? Oh, wait - I could always take it to Supré and they could sell it as a dress.


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