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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kickin' Back

Well, the Guru is flying out tonight - or rather, a disgusting hour of tomorrow morning - and I am henceforth doin' the solo-parent thing for 10 days.

And I've been thinking about it...and thinking that it won't actually be too bad. Sure, I'm not looking forward to addressing temper tantrums alone, but maybe this is my chance to step up and become "serious, can use the naughty spot when I have to Mumma" rather than "endless warnings and eventually use the naughty spot when it doesn't mean anything  Mumma"?

Because I would really like to make a break through with the feral 'tude of the Toddler. Seriously, feral.

It has also occurred to me that I get the bed. To myself. All of it's king size glory for me to snuggle in my quilt and snooze, uninterrupted, not having to fight for some form of covering for my arse (or any part of me, for that matter) before it freezes and falls off. Because now the dry season has arrived, the temp drop at night is wintery.

Well, for those of us used to night's being around the 28 degree mark it's wintery and when it drops to 18 degrees you whip out the thermal underwear. And start knitting scarves that won't be sold to Supré as a dress, after all.

I can eat my bodyweight in chocolate with no witnesses. Which means it never really happened. So there will have been no calories consumed ergo no weight gained.


I might actually have the energy to blog at home without having to worry about silly things like going to work, getting dressed or washing myself. Or something.

And when he returns from his care-free trip, so begins the ultimate, milking-it-for-all-it's-worth, evil-enjoyment time where I do very little and he does everything else.

I'm thinking I might stop cleaning a few days before he arrives home - just so he has something to do during those returned home, jet lagged hours of restless non-sleep.

I have yet to put in my Duty Free order though. Partly because there's really nothing that I would like - it all seems silly and frivolous.

And yet, I can't help but think that the brief joy I would experience in receiving Duty Free items might be worth it anyway. We'll see what happens.

And so, for now I am signing off to start my holidays, which begins with attending the Easter Egg Hunt at the Toddler's Day Care Centre.

Ah, small children hyped up on excitement and sugar. What better way to start my relaxing break...

Just fast as you can. They'll only knock you down...

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