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Friday, 22 April 2011

Day One

So here we are, the end of day one, and we're all still alive.

The Guru is living it up in Bali already and has scouted out some fresh haunts (read: bars) to spend time watching football (with beer - this wasn't specifically mentioned but we all know football is unbearable when you're sober. Oops - did I say that aloud?)

Well, he could have done that here. Hmpf.

Moving on, however.

While I am typing this the Toddler is walking circles around me on our bed singing 'here we go round the mouldy bush, the mouldy bush, the mouldy bush. Here we go round the mouldy bush on a cold and dusty morning!'  Apparently Mulberry bushes must be out of season and global warming has turned the frost to dust.

The future is something to be feared by all people with allergies, if her song is anything to go by.

But aside from this and the spectacular dose of diarrhoea due to the choccy egg overload at day care yesterday, it's been a fairly regular day. Regular in more ways than one.

And now I am off to put my terror child to bed and relax in front of the tv with vodka tequila wine coffee before I have to get up and do this all again.

Minus the diarrhoea.

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