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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dear T

We haven't had a chance to catch up in a while, and I know you and J and the girls are going through a tough time with Kitty at the moment, so I thought I'd write to you.

Right off the bat I'll get a sob point out: I really miss you guys.

So does the Guru - although he's a silly boy and won't admit it. We have pics on the fridge of the girls and the Toddler is always pointing to them and telling me she knows Munchkin and Nao (and Aunty T and Aunty!) sent her My Little Pony for Christmas.

The Toddler loves that pony. It's just a shame she doesn't enjoy having her hair brushed as much as she enjoys brushing the pony's. Life would be a lot less high-pitched in the evenings if she did.

The girls have both grown so much! I remember holding both of them as little babies and thinking they were so tiny and fragile. And they're all, very grown up and clever.

I don't really have much to update you on here - other than I became a house-proud psycho while the Guru was away. All the parents are still here, and it's just same old, same old as we plod along.

Oh wait, that's a lie - we pick up the new car tomorrow. But that doesn't happen every day. Prince William and Kate Middleton got married recently,too. Which also doesn't happen every day. I just thought I would mention it as only Channels 2, 7, 9, SBS and anything HD, every radio station and every online facility have been flogging it. And so you may have missed it. Like a fox!

Sorry about that fox bit. I heard it on a TV show the other night and I hadn't heard anyone say it for ages. I may have just proven why in my last paragraph. Timing was never my strong point. As you know, with us always being a minimum of an hour late for any event.

Can you believe it's May already!? Seriously, it feels like I just got over Xmas and already half the year is almost gone. Before I know it it will be Xmas again and I'll have to start my panic buying. And the Guru will start avoiding the task of opening any mail from the bank.

You know, I've just read over those last 2 blobs of verbal diarrhoea and realised I've discussed the calendar and dribbled some pointless story about 'like a fox!'. Seriously, that's the kind of thing you discuss on a first date when you're still trying to decide if the person is normal or a serial killer. Because, you know, it's the normal ones that are a concern - the serial killers are at least predictable.

All I have to do is mention the weather and we're right on track for first date awkward conversation.

It's sunny here today.


Did I mention that the Guru is home with Man-Flu?

Can I ask, what is it about being on holidays, coming home, and then getting sick? Honestly, Karma, you missed the boat. He was meant to get sick while he was AWAY. Not now he's home and I have to deal with it and most likely catch it.

Last night I said to him it was just my luck that he would get to enjoy his holiday, come home incident free, get sick as a dog and most likely he'll be the one in bed on Mother's Day while I nurse him back from the brink of Man-Flu-Death.

His response was most likely witty and/or sarcastic but I couldn't tell as it was muffled by sniffling, snuffling, coughing up his lungs and nose blowing.

I'm picking up a bio-suit on the way home. And I'm going to pick up a mini-suit for the Toddler.

Speaking of the Toddler - here is a picture for you:

My little Master Chef.  Before her haircut.

I love looking at your blog and seeing pics of the girls and updates on what you guys have been doing. The move has been a good one for you all, I think, no matter how much sometimes I look and wish we were in the pics of your BBQs and play dates.

I know I've said it before, but even now it stings that we aren't living so close anymore. Some would say it's no big deal given we have access to things like Skype. But you and I aren't telephone or video call girls - we're instant message and face to face girls. We know that.

I look back over our friendship and wish I had made more of the time you lived close. It was gone so fast. I wish we both lived in a town that was more user friendly, more varied, cheaper and more exciting.

And I feel like I let you down a lot by not being around, by always being at work.

I envy you being a wonderful stay at home Mum. I wish I could do that. There are many reasons why I couldn't - the main one being that I am a materialistic, selfish cow and working means I can continue being that way.

My MIL would say it's a result of my childhood. That being an only child and having everything that I wanted has meant I am now completely unable to grasp the idea of going without. And sadly, she'd be right. To a point. I didn't get everything I wanted. I never had a pony or a BMW for my 16th birthday or a house for an engagement gift from my parents.

People I went to school with, did. And as far as I know they had to sell that house and are now sharing the BMW with the pony. Or maybe the pony is now the seat covers? I'm not sure.

Anyway - I guess my main point is that I think you are an amazing Mum, and your girls love you so much. And they always will, you can see it in their faces when they look at you.

Speaking of the girls, I saw in your last post that you and J are organising a Will. It made me think of the fact that we don't have one either and what would we do if the worst happened. It made me suddenly afraid to die (this is rather morbid, isn't it?).

And it made me think of the amazing honour you and J gave us as being the girls Godparents.

I don't think I ever told you how special and proud you made us feel when you asked us to do that. That you and J think we are the kind of people you would trust with your children is one of the biggest, most amazing things ever. I can't even put it into words properly. There are no words. Other than I have no doubt we will never have to really 'god parent' the girls because you will both be around, always.

No matter how much we may not get to catch up, no matter how far away we live and no matter what happens, you, J and the girls will always be very special, important and vital parts of our lives. I hope you will always know that.

Give J and the girls a big cuddle from us, and give yourself a huge cuddle, a glass of wine and some chocolate. And watch the Tudors. Perve-fest.

I'll catch you soon hun,

Love me x

1 comment :

  1. I feel like it has been forever.
    Yet I cannot help but notice that this year appears to be flying past at a
    phenomenal speed. It is utterly ridiculous. I miss you guys too. We used to hang out and do all these
    cool things – and you working was never an issue. We still had PLENTY of fun
    times together. You don’t need to worry about that. You never let me down in
    any way. Promise.

    Again congrats on the car. It
    sounds pretty cool. New cars are pretty awesome. The new car smell is pretty
    awesome. And I don’t mean that dodgy one you get from those car vacuum places!

    I do believe that everyone has used
    ‘like a fox’ more often than they care to share. I know I have. Because it just
    that cool!

    Ah. The dreaded manful. Munchkin
    has a tendency to suffer from it. Oddly, even though she isn’t of the male
    kind. The drama involved and the creams asked for. Its crazy.

    You’re definitely missed at all the
    things we do. I wish we could all be close together, but apparently life
    requires you to only have some of the things you like. But I agree, Skype and
    phones are things I really enjoy. God knows I’ve spent a lot of time avoiding
    them with family.

    You’re a wonderful parent as well.
    I know sometimes you have trouble seeing that, but its true.

    I wouldn’t say it otherwise.

    I look forward to many years of
    friendship with you. I really do.


Thanks for the comment - it helps validate the fact that I'm not just talking to myself.

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