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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Seriously, I feel like I've had a night on the grog, hit my head at some point and woken up wondering where the hell I am.

Coming back to work has been a terrible shock to the system.

In the 10 days off my entire being has happily skipped back in to 'stay-at-home-mum-phase' and all forms of routine/organisation/care-factor left.

Now, I'm back.

In my dungeon office.

Wondering 'what the hell was I thinking, not breaking both my arms last night?', thus deferring the terrible return a little longer.

Indeed, what was I thinking, not having my baby break my coccyx so I have to be on bed rest (no shit, I got a text from my childhood pal who is up the duff with #2 and he is so big he has broken her 'arse-bone' as she put it! Seriously W.T.F.  And she still has 5 weeks to go before blast off!)

I loved being at home, wafting around and not giving a toss if I was up all night, because I could always snore snooze on the couch while the Toddler played the following morning before taking coffee intravenously and, most importantly, I didn't have to go to work.

I have a monumental post in the wings about the final days of my abandonment before the Guru arrived home from his overseas piss-up holiday.

And I figure the Toddler and I must have missed him more than our brains would recognise because we were both bright eyed and bushy tailed to pick him up from the airport.

At 4am.

Good grief, the things we do for DVD's of favourite TV shows love...

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  1. Husband is going back to work on Monday after 6 weeks off. Well sort of. He has been helping me with our new baby! But still, he's been completely depressed. Today we went and did some retail therapy for him to take the edge off.


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