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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A letter...

Sometimes I wonder what kind of world my daughters are growing up in.

When I got a chance to check my Facebook this morning, there were lots of posts from friends and family about people in Boston and sending love. I had no idea what they were talking about.

I turned on the television, and on the screen was the awful scene of bombs going off at the Boston Marathon.

Thus far 3 people are confirmed dead and 120 or more injured, many with limbs having been blown off. One of the dead is reportedly a child.

What kind of person, or group, sets coordinated bombs to explode at a foot race? I don't understand. Everyone at that race, runners and spectators, are just regular people - families and individuals there to watch loved ones cross the finish line are targeted.


I was talking with The Man the other day about the new advertisement for The History Channel - it covers all the major events in recorded history. And it occurred to me that 99% of the major events are wars. People killing other people.

I'll never understand the compulsion of some individuals to injure or take the life of someone else. I always think of war and I can't seem to look beyond the loss of life and the waste - I understand that our armed forces are trained for war and the defence of our country, and I am not blind to the fact that without generations of brave people before me I would not have the freedom I do and my family would not be as lucky as we are. It's always blatantly clear that a soldier's life may be the ultimate sacrifice. But why?

Why is the human race so determined to find a reason to hate, kill or maim?

My brother in law is in the army and I dread to think that he might ever be involved in a conflict.

But for all I know, Kim Jong Un might get his knickers in a tight knot, rather than just a twist, press his cranky pants button, and before you know it a nuclear war will have begun. And again, I'll ask, why?

We are all people, we are all equal, no one's life is worth more than another's. Money, religion, power, race, revenge - none of it is a good enough reason to start a war, detonate a bomb or start a shooting rampage in a school. But it happens anyway. And it scares me.

To all the people affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings, my thoughts are with you.

To all the families and friends of those in our armed forces, my own family included, I thank you for what you do and the sacrifices you all make to keep our country safe.

To all those who have lost their lives throughout history defending our country, trying to end tyranny or, victimised for being true to themselves - I can never thank you enough for your sacrifice and every day that my girls are able to play outside, eat fresh food, drink clean water, dress how they want to, speak their minds and learn without prejudice is a testament to you. Your sacrifice is not in vain and I hope that, one day, we can all live together with respect and acceptance.

I just don't know when that day will come.


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